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Lambchop concert

Friday 26 October 2012, 20:00

Details: As on past Lambchop records, many of the songs on Mr. M are framed with lush strings, and there’s a restrained undercurrent of distortion and discord. The core of the music remains the cyclical picking of Wagner’s guitar and the soft, warm croaking of his voice. The songs are spacious, even dreamy, as on the Countrypolitan instrumental “Gar,” while the lyrics and titles are rich with allusions, some of them obvious, others seemingly unknowable.
Mr. M is dedicated to the late musician Vic Chesnutt, a friend, fan and collaborator, and a prodigiously gifted musician in his own right. Chesnutt’s influence looms large in Lambchop’s music: in particular, his way with words, and his uncanny ability to wrap them in music that says even more than the lyrics alone can. It makes sense, then, that a mood of loss would hang heavily over these songs.
In the most arresting moments on Mr. M, Wagner appears to be reckoning with forces beyond his control. “And the sky it opens up like candy / And the wind it still don’t know my name,” he sings in “Nice Without Mercy.” For all the apparent existential dread of those lines, though, Wagner’s take on the world remains fundamentally hopeful: He transforms “Kind Of” into “kinder.” He senses better days ahead for the prickish protagonist of “Buttons.” And he opens the album by declaring, “what the fuck,” but he closes it with a simple, sweet utterance: “Love.”

Venue: Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange Opderschmelz, 1a, rue du centenaire. L-3475 Dudelange

Organiser: opderschmelz

Price: 20€ (presale); 25€ (at the door)



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