The Two Shoes Theatre Company, a new English-language venture in Luxembourg, has announced its inaugural project, "Sex, Dregs & Licorice Allsorts", an evening of two short plays by two of Britain’s best living writers for the stage, taking place at Café Rocas (Place des Bains, Luxembourg-ville) on 18, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26 April 2018, with performances at 1900.

"I Licked a Slag’s Deodorant" by Jim Cartwright is a very funny, beautifully brutal and achingly sad play about a crack-addicted prostitute (slag) and a socially inept man who find a bridge out of loneliness. A terrific script.

"Playing Sandwiches" is one of Alan Bennett’s deeply satisfying Talking Heads monologues, crafted around marginalised people who have difficulty ‘fitting in’. Bennett’s deceptively light treatment is a treat in itself.

Jim Cartwright and Alan Bennett are playwrights who have carved a distinctive niche in British drama. Both are expert wordsmiths of great imaginative flair, weaving stories of complex simplicity that stimulate, satisfy and resoundingly entertain.

Directed by John Brigg and Gav Guilfoyle.

WARNING Adult content and language

Tickets €15 from email or tel 621-324770​

Venue: Café Rocas upstairs (Place des Bains, Luxembourg-ville)

Organiser: Two Shoes Theatre Company

Price: €15

Reservations: see above

URL: For details, see Contact John Brigg (email: for further information.