Summer Activities in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, there are many things to see and do during the summer months. This (inexhaustive) list includes a variety of activities.

  • Minet Park (1900 Train)
  • Pirate Ship Park
  • Merl Park
  • Bock Casemates
  • Vitarium
  • Parc Merveilleux
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Wasserbillig Aquarium
  • Klangwee Hoschied
  • Acro-Parc Hiederschied
  • All-in Fun Family Centre
  • Vianden’s Indian Forest
  • Parc Le’h Adventures


Minet Park (Train 1900)

Luxembourg’s Minet Park is a love letter to a simpler, more industrial time. Accessible by car or by the “Train 1900”, an old steam locomotive, Minet Park allows you to step into a world of the past. With many museums and attractions, including scenic trails with informative and educative panels and a nostalgic grocery store left untouched by time, Minet Park has a lot to offer, including it’s celebrated trains, the most famous of which is the “Train 1900”. This old machine still runs off of a steam engine and evokes the industrial revolution, with whirring gears and pumping steam, just like one always imagined. The trip runs for eight kilometres and 25 minutes. Minet Park is a great afternoon trip for the whole family and has so much to discover and so many to inspire.



Pirate Ship Park

The “Pirate Ship Park” is well-known and well-loved in Luxembourg, and for good reason! This park has something for every child, including sandboxes, multiple swings, picnic spots, ice cream vendors and plenty of space to run around in. However, the “Pirate Ship Park” has two main selling points: Its titular pirate ship and it’s miniature water park. The Pirate Ship is a massive play area shaped like a shipwreck, with plenty to climb and places to hide and play. Its mast has a crow’s nest and bells to ring, and the children can climb up a six metre tower and slide back down. The water park has a lot to offer as well, including little pools and rivers, and a system of locks to play with and learn about water flow. Finally, this park is located in the heart of the city, so a lot of other attractions and shops are nearby, and this makes it a great place to relax and cool down after a day of walking around the city, especially after a hot summer day.


Merl Park

Found not far from the city, Merl Park has a lot for its visitors. With it’s massive expanse of fields and gardens, children can run around and paths for bikes and scooters. In the center of the park there is a large lake with fountains and animals like ducks and fish. The playground has a lot of attractions, including seesaws, swings,sandpits, zip-lines and, in the summer, supervised trampolines for all ages. One can cool off in the large picnic area with an ice cream from one of the numerous vendors or grab a bite at the terrace restaurant overlooking the park.


Bock Casemates

One of Luxembourg’s oldest attractions are the Bock Casemates. Built in 1644, these underground tunnels are a site UNESCO World Heritage since 1994. The Bock Casemates give you a view from the old fortifications of Luxembourg City, including vantage points for cannons and archers. The Guided Tour, which costs double, informs about the historical and military importance of the fortifications and its creators. Inside the Casemates there’s the Archeological Crypt which houses the origins of Luxembourg City.




Luxlait, the most popular Luxembourgish milk brand, has created the Vitarium in Roost. The Vitarium is a veritable “Milk Museum”, with panels and 45 interactive activities for children to try, like “milking” a robotic cow, so they can learn about the life of cows, the process of milking and the manufacturing of milk. The museum is in four languages (Luxembourgish, French, German, English) and offers guided tours in those languages. It’s best to book ahead of time.



Parc Merveilleux

Luxembourg’s Parc Merveilleux is part zoo, part fantasy world, and a complete experience. Found deep in the woods, this park is home to many different animals from five different continents, including lemurs, chameleons, porcupines, african jackals, crocodiles, tamarins, meerkats, penguins, parrots, emus, wallabies, arctic wolves lamas and even a little petting zoo with animals that the children can feed with food bought from the park. But the fun doesn’t stop there, Parc Merveilleux with multiple playgrounds, each with different slides, swings, seesaws or climbing stations. It even has a little karting track for small children and mini train for sightseeing. To help sell the fantasy, the parc is spotted with statues, mannequins and maquettes of fantasy tales and characters, including a famous gnome that children can climb on and houses inhabited with characters like Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. Parc Merveilleux is a fun time for everyone in the family and any visit quickly becomes a summer highlight.



Butterfly Gardens

With hundreds of butterflies, the Paiperleksgaart is full of interactive stations where children can watch and learn about butterflies of all kinds, and in all stages of their metamorphosis. The Garden is also home to many other animals like chameleons, birds and turtles and tons of beautiful and colorful plants. This is all thanks to the tropical habitat that is kept with 70% humidity and a constant temperature of 27 degrees. A fun and informative reserved guided tour can help you navigate this pocket of the jungle in the countryside of Luxembourg.



Wasserbillig Aquarium

The Wasserbillig Aquarium, a 90000 liter world full of exotic and freshwater fishes found in the heart of Wasserbillig. Despite not being very big you will find so many different species of fish, including clownfish, kois, salmon, piranha and eels. Once the trip at the museum is over don’t fret because Wasserbillig has a lot of playgrounds, museums and scenic trails to discover.



Klangwee Hoschied

This 6,5 km trail found in the north of Luxembourg is a circular walk through the heart of a forest filled with activities and learning stations. All along the path are stations with

Interactive instruments like triangles, massive windchimes and even xylophones! It’s the perfect afternoon for children to learn about music and how it works, and a beautiful hike around on Luxembourg's prettiest forests.



Acro-Parc Heiderscheid

The Acro-Park in Heiderscheid, part of the Klammschoul, is a recreational adventure filled with climbing, balancing and activity courses high in the sky. With certified coaches and security grade equipment, the Acro-Park offers fun adventure routes that let anybody, even if they’ve never climbed in their life before, have a safe and learning experience. There’s even a Junior Park for children under the age of 13.



All-in Fun Family Centre

The All-in Fun Family Centre is a massive play area in Heiderschied. The large attraction is it’s bowling arena, which includes 6 lanes with closeable gutters. This centre also has a play area for children with big slides, climbing areas, tunnels, trampolines and bumper carts.



Parc Le’h Adventures

Found deep in the woods of Dudelange, Parc Le’h Adventures is a climbing adventure park for all people of all ages. With varied and tailored courses for different groups and types of people, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy. Parc Le’h also offers a wide array of courses and lessons so that even those less experienced in climbing and ziplines can join in on the fu.