While doing some research for the background of this column, I realised something...

I was hoping to use the lyrics of a Christmas classic to illustrate “the joy of giving” during the holiday period but I wasn’t able to find something I liked. Next to modern songs like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” I read the lyrics of most of the album “100 Hits Christmas Classics” and found no inspiration with Perry Como, Anne Shelton, Nat King Cole, Judy Garland or Louis Armstrong.

The spirit of Christmas is about giving and forgiving. Whether this stems from the three wise men offering gifts to baby Jesus or somewhere else is for historians to judge but we all notice that people become more kind and willing to give during this holiday.

It’s the same for us at ING. We know that we have a voice and a communication platform with a wider reach than other organisations and we do our best to put it at their disposal. We conduct a large operation throughout the year that culminates in the ING Solidarity Awards and for some years now we devise a special Christmas action. This year: #INGBestWishes

And because it is the season of sharing we need your help! We commit to donating €10 for every participation in the #INGBestwishes action.

It’s easy to participate: as soon as you’re done reading this post, switch to your Facebook app. Edit your profile picture with a picture of you as a young child (3-6 years old will do!) and add the #INGBestWishes frame to it. Remember to publish it in public mode – otherwise we won’t see it. And then feel good for contributing to a good cause… and because you just entered a lottery to win one of four ING Visa cards with €250.- on it! You can find all the details here: www.ing.lu/bestwishes

I look forward to seeing lots of pictures.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!