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The Luxembourg Chronicle, in collaboration with Wiltz Festival, is offering FREE tickets to the performance of Carmen by Bizet at the Wiltz Festival on Friday 14 July 2017 at 20:00. For details on how to enter, see below.

The 65th annual Wiltz Festival is being held from 28 June to 23 July 2017, with most performances being held in the outdoor (covered) amphitheatre in the shadow of the chateau. See www.festivalwiltz.lu  for further details including ticketing. Please remember there is a special Wiltz Festival train where ticket holders can get a discount when parking their cars at the Luxembourg-Gare (and other) train stations and taking the train to/from the venue. See www.cfl.lu


- Wed 28 June @ 20:00: Agnes Obel (Danish singer-song-writer)

- Sat 1 July @ 20:00: Voyage Musical du Nil à l'Oural (choir & orchestra)

- Sun 2 July @ 15:00: Das Dschungelbuch, Theater Lichtermeer (An enchanting musical about Mowgli and his friends)

- Mon 3 July @ 10:00: Das Dschungelbuch, Theater Lichtermeer (An enchanting musical about Mowgli and his friends)

- Thu 6 July @ 20:00: Maxime Bender, Universay Sky (jazz concert)

- Fri 7 July @ 20:00: Soirée Tango, with the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra & Jean-Guillaume Weis

- Sat 8 July @ 19:30: Weeltzer Musek: Sou schmaacht Wooltz (Dinner concert)  

- Fri 14 July @ 20:00: Carmen by Bizet (opera)

- Thu 20 July @ 20:00: Pol Belardi's Force (jazz concert)

- Fri 21 July @ 20:45: The Loser(s) (Circus)

- Sun 23 July @ 18:00-23:00: José González / Dillon / Monophona / Joy Wellboy (electro pop concert)

For the full festival programme details, see www.chronicle.lu/categoriesculturefestivals/item/21371-new-look-and-feel-for-65th-annual-wiltz-festival 

To apply for your FREE tickets to see Carmen at the Wiltz Festival on 14 July, please send an email to info@Chronicle.lu with “Wiltz: Carmen” in the subject line (without the quotation marks), with your name and mobile number in the body of the email. The draw will be made at 12:00 on Wednesday 12 July. Winners will be contacted directly. Winning tickets will be available at the venue on the day.

Winners: Sabine Sion, Jacques Cavalieri