The Danceperados of Ireland;, in collaboration with Opderschmelz, is offering four pairs of FREE tickets to The Danceperados of Ireland on Saturday 3 February 2018 at 20:00, at the Opderschmelz in Dudelange (1a rue du centenaire). For details on how to apply for tickets, see below.

Their performance is the story of Irish Whiskey told through music, song and dance - which are part of the Irish DNA and the Danceperados are no exception: they are crazy about dance. But Irish people are also recognised around the world for other qualities. The production of Irish whiskey is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Like Irish music and dance, know-how and skills are passed on from generation to generation. A good whiskey is metamorphosed over the years and takes on character. A good artist evolves in the same way. Why not mix the two Irish traditions? However do not think for a minute that the show glorifies alcohol and the attraction of the Irish for alcohol. It would only be a cliché, a simplistic view. The Irish often drink to drown their sorrow caused by oppression, hunger and despair: from the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic war, from the struggle for Irish independence to Prohibition in the United States.

The Danceperados take the audience for a tour of illegal pubs, known as "Sheebeens", where you drink a lot, accompanied by wild music and dance. Odd Irish legislation and curious customs, such as "Holy Hour" and "Travelers in good faith" and many others are represented in the show which add to the fun of the viewer. A multi-vision with Irish landscapes, its images of the world of distillation blend with music, dance and song. The audience is captivated by the story and the journey through the history of Ireland.

With the first two shows, which have not stopped running between 2014 and 2017, the Danceperados of Ireland troupe has demonstrated that the creative concept of mixing history with Irish art is a winning formula. The audience left with the feeling of having seen an epic lm and took part of Ireland in his heart.

In addition to the great talent of the dancers, the success of the Danceperados show is inseparable from the talent of the singers and the musicians who accompany them, all leading in parallel a world-renowned solo career. Thus, Geraldine McGowan, lead singer of the folk band OISIN in the seventies, and singer-songwriter Ian Smith, but also the musicians of the world-famous group BEOGA selected for a Grammy Award, Niamh Dunne, Liam Bradley and Damian McKee. Not to mention the music director, Eimhin Liddy, who has toured and recorded with highly regarded shows like Celtic Legends.

Michael Donnellan, choreographer of Danceperados, has been twice world champion of dance. Principal dancer of the Riverdance and Lord of the Dance companies, he is considered one of the top ten current Irish dancers. Unlike other dance performances where the practice of playback is widespread, Danceperados have ruled out any use of pre-recorded music and taps. The Danceperados are at the forefront of a new movement striving to liberate Irish dance from the grasp of the big production companies, returning to the roots of Irish dance and music that alone provide the sensation of to attend a real Irish music and dance show, in an authentic and free spirit, so refreshing.

Choreography: Michael Donnellan, twice World Champion, Solo dancer in "Riverdance" & "Lord of the Dance"

Dancers: A selection of World Dancing Champions and / or All Ireland Champions

 Géraldine McGowan, vocals
 Niamh Dunne, violin
 Liam Bradley, piano
 Damian McKee. button accordion
 Eimhin Liddy, musical director

Tickets cost €25 (pre-sale at or €30 on the door

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